1. this plant looks like my hair! for Thesill.com 

  2. V2 

  4. Don’t forget to dream

  5. West Village in the Spring

  6. Pizza anyone?

  8. Polaroids for Vincetta NYC

  9. I have been working on a project that is really close to my heart,  shooting a series of oceans for the past couple of years and it is finally coming together!  Teaming up with Waves for water, except a show ready for you by the end of the year where you can come celebrate with us beautiful mother nature and also take a print home while helping support W4W,  providing access to clean water around the world. 

    Do what you love and help along the way. 

    'Til then here is one!

    Sid xo

  10. Clara in Dominican Republic

  11. I just came back from family Vacation in Dominican Republic.  I can’t believe my little sister is WAY taller than me!  and so awesome,  just like this lagoon.