1. Be a goddess in the spring

  2. Breakfast,  lunch and diner 

  3. when life gives you lemons,  make a margarita!!  Happy weekend

  4. I think I got a new series 

  5. Loving my new crew at Robin Hood Foundation,  They are one of the best charities out there and about to get even better!  stay tuned …

    'Fight poverty like a New Yorker' RH

  6. The Flower girls of NYC

  7. Yesterday was a tough day at work,  I had to shoot and try about 15 dishes at the Soho House ;)

  8. remember this… I know I have already posted it once, but needless to say it needs to be reminded. 

  9. this plant looks like my hair! for Thesill.com 

  10. V2