1. Shot for Valentine NYC last week with these cute besties Adrianna & Wilhelmina <3

  2. Thank you Rangefinder for picking me as one of your top 30 Rising star of Wedding Photography! sweet stuff

  3. Some looks I shot for Novum Jewelry Line 

  4. Morning run with Brooke Ritchie in Venice Beach

  5. Erika and Andrew were rocking this wedding thing, congrats guys!

  6. KhoKho in Mpulzi making a Silulu (Chicken house) out of picked grass,  Swaziland 

  7. Sapna in the middle of nowhere 

  8. I’m in Swaziland hanging out with the women of Gone Rural for Nest… i’m really enjoying the bright colors and calming sounds of this beautiful land 

  9. Swaziland

  10. California dreamin’

  11. Pineapple plant