1. KhoKho in Mpulzi making a Silulu (Chicken house) out of picked grass,  Swaziland 

  2. Sapna in the middle of nowhere 

  3. I’m in Swaziland hanging out with the women of Gone Rural for Nest… i’m really enjoying the bright colors and calming sounds of this beautiful land 

  4. Swaziland

  5. California dreamin’

  6. Pineapple plant

  7. getting married is tiring :)

  8. Sneak Peak for Van Leeuwen Ice cream cookbook I just shot,  coming out in the Spring,  Could not be happier about it! 

  9. For Clare Vivier 

  10. Shot some looks for a new Jewelry line,  it was a great day with a great crew xo

  11. Harare NY today