1. Tiny Empire Williamsburg

  2. Soho House Summer cocktails is exactly what I need 

  3. Another hard day at work,  I don’t feel so good now,  but I had to try every pastry today ;)

  4. good gene pool

  5. I met this amazing human being in Lake Placid, Paul.  he lives completely off his land and grows the best kale I have ever had.

  6. Dan and Jennie,  Lake Placid. 

    I am so grateful to be able to capture the sweetest moments … I love this family so much!

  7. Lake Placid,  July 17th 

  8. hope everyone had a sparkling weekend!

  9. Brooklyn Grange twice in a week makes for a good one!

  10. My Breaky today yum!  

  11. Party like a rock star